Tinder API & Data Access

Unofficial | 👉 Official Tinder Website: https://www.gotinder.com | 👩‍💻 Contributors: steve


These are unofficial Tinder API endpoints intercepted from the Tinder iOS app. These endpoints require authentication and allow you to use Tinder on your account’s behalf programatically to download matches, messages, images, profiles and even “swipe right” automatically. This is made available for unofficial use and experimentation, such as for security research, use at your own risk!

Auth Token

You’ll need to use the Tinder Authentication endpoint to get an auth token to use in other requests. Save this value once you have it and use it for the other endpoints listed here.

You can try to use proxy interception to get your facebook_token or you can try following the instructions in one of the open source libraries listed below.

Rate Limiting

To avoid getting blocked, you’ll want to keep your requests limited to up to one request per second.

Open Source Libraries

The following libraries can provide additional help in accessing your Tinder data programmatically:


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