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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 4, 2024

LinkedIn Marketing API Data Scraping

While LinkedIn doesn’t want you scraping its public data, it’s more than happy to make data scraping available to people who pay LinkedIn for advertising via the LinkedIn Marketing API. You’ll need a LinkedIn Developer App to use this, and one you get this token you’ll be able to review your paid LinkedIn marketing campaigns performance, returns on investment & more. For scraping use cases, you’ll probably want to look into the Reporting API in more detail to get a sense of the types of data you can get back from LinkedIn.

Scraping LinkedIn Data

If you’re instead interested in scraping raw data from LinkedIn, you may want to check out our LinkedIn Scraper instead, which lets you scrape search results and lists of items (e.g. company employees, jobs, etc…) from any page on LinkedIn without being detected or risking your account getting banned. The process is totally legal and undetectable as it works with a recording of your web traffic instead of scraping the actual LinkedIn website, which has caused numerous legal issues with other scraping software providers.

Mining LinkedIn Insights

This integration was inspired by this excellent article on Mining LinkedIn Data, however it is still a work in progress and right now only contains integrations for authentication endpoints. If you are serious about scraping more data from your own LinkedIn developer account, please reach out to support here and we’ll be more than happy to support additional API endpoints and add workflows, allowing you to extract this data from the LinkedIn Marketing API on your behalf.

⚡️ LinkedIn Marketing Data API Endpoints

OAuth Authorization

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