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Terms of Service

The Short Version

Stevesie, LLC provides a software-as-a-service product to access third party data APIs as an alternative to you (the end user) writing custom code and running said code via your own proxies you could rent elsewhere.

You are liable for anything you do on the Stevesie Data Platform; as we are simply acting as a replacement for you writing code in Python, CURL, etc... you are simply renting proxies from us and using our software product to automate making requests & parsing back responses from third parties.

Therefore, should we receive a complaint from a third party of abuse, we will hold your account responsible and comply with all local, state & federal laws in turning over your information.

Stevesie, LLC assumes no liability for your use of our platform as we are a generic software tool made to work with any public API, similar to any programming language or software framework that would otherwise assume no liability - we just happen to live on the cloud.

The Long Version