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Customize & Build Any Integration

Contribute and build off of other definitions for how to interact with a variety of web services, adding to the collective directory.

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Download in Any Format

Most machine-readable data is returned in JSON format, which our system is able to ingest & serve back in either JSON or CSV format instantly.

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Work With Any App

Work With Any App

Capturing machine-readable data allows you to reliably work with any AJAX website, mobile app or offical API behind a managed proxy system.

Integrate With Your System

Access your collected data with our API & even drive data collection via API for advanced or automated workflow requirements.

Integrate With Your System

Beyond Web Scraping

Beyond Web Scraping

Traditional web scrapers parse a webpage's HTML expecting content to be structured an exact way. Unfortunately, web pages are for humans & inevitable changes guarantee web scraping will break.

Proxy Replay Technology

We developed Proxy Replay Technology to intercept, record & replay network traffic, capturing machine-readable data interactions that are far less likely to change.

Proxy Replay Technology

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