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Scrape Data at Scale

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Set it and collect it

250+ Customers Rely on Stevesie for Data Scraping

Your Projects Need Data

But Scraping Data can be... A Pain!

It doesn't have to be. Stevesie Makes it Easy.
Raw Data vs Stevesie Data

Old Way

❕  Hire a programmer
❕  Copy-pasted scripts
❕  Constantly breaking
❕  Parsing messy JSON
❕  Getting blocked
❕  Single computer
❕  Difficult to change

Our Way

✅  Low cost platform
✅  Common workflows
✅  Community updates
✅  Auto JSON to CSV
✅  Managed proxies
✅  Cloud scalable
✅  Fully customizable

Makes Your Job Data Driven

🤹 Agencies &

🎁  Give clients actionable insights
📈  Track social media performance
👥  Analyze large influencer followings

🏢 Businesses &

💌  Scrape emails for direct marketing
💬  Generate social media content ideas
📊  Track industry pricing & inventory

🧑‍💻 Developers &

🚀  Scrape data without writing code
💥  On-demand data for app prototyping
📱  Contribute your own integrations
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Not Another Web Scraper

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