Workflow Files

Learn a few tricks for working with workflow output files, especially if they are larger files.

Workflow executions will output one or more collection files (one for each linked extractor) with the results. You can add more extractors at any time, just see the instructions on the workflow to generate more CSV files (e.g. for additional collections).

Combining Results

Once you run a few executions for a given workflow, you'll be able to see all of the executions (and results) on the workflow screen. You can combine the outputs of multiple runs together into a single CSV file, simply check the outputs you want to combine and click through to the next screen.

Important: At this time, this feature only works with CSV output. If you used JSON output format, this will not work.

Limiting Columns

By default, the file combination will include all columns accross all workflow executions for the selected workflow. If you only want certain columns back, you can de-select all of the columns and then re-select only the columns you want in the output file.

Limiting Rows

Sometimes you may get into trouble with Excel or similar programs if you try to open files with too many rows (say over 100,000). When this happens, you can restrict your row output with the input prompts on the bottom of the screen, e.g. download the first 5,000, then next 5,000 and so on until you have all of the data back.

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