Who is This Stevesie?

Steve Spagnola

👋 That's Me!

My real name is Steve Spagnola and I started this journey as a freelance software engineer in 2019, helping clients collect much needed third party data over APIs. Although I found the data aspects exciting, due to the nature of working with so many different third-party APIs, the actual scraping involved writing boring, messy and constantly changing Python scripts.

But after doing this work for more and more clients, I realized there were a lot of common patterns in the scraping scripts I was writing. Instead of charging by the hour to write these scripts to do basically the same thing, I wondered if I could instead build a self-service platform to put myself out of a job!

And that's the platform you see here today - enabling hundreds of customers all over the world to gain the same benefits of data scraping I was providing to clients, but at a fraction of the cost and at the click of a button. No custom software needed... unless you want to use the Stevesie API, which is cool too!

☎️ Phone Calls

I offer paid consulting calls to discuss your specific project in great detail! If interested, please schedule a consultation.

🗽 New York

I'm here in New York City if you were curious!

💼 Jobs

Right now it's just me (100% self-funded), but if you'd like to help I may begin hiring in 2021, so be sure to check back later.

💬 Slack

Join the Slack for Users group for additional support from other users.

🕸 Connect

Keep in touch over social media using the links below or the chat widget (bottom right of the screen) if you need customer support - this is the preferred method with a response time of one business day. If you prefer email, please send to stevesie@stevesie.com.

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