Making Data Scraping Legal & Mainstream

🚀 Mission

😈 For far too long oppressive social media companies (now a four letter word) have controlled the data we share publicly, holding it hostage on their platforms while they monetize it and villainize any company that tries to make an honest living off of scraped public data.

⚖️ These tech giants typically use legal methods to scare or sue said companies into complying with vague rules the social platforms set to prevent scraping and maintain their monopolies.

💡 This doesn't seem right to us, so we've built a technology platform that legally allows anyone to scrape data from any interactive website while complying with the website's Terms of Service - our HAR File Web Scraper, preventing any unwarranted legal attacks.

⚙️ And for the tech giants that do play nicely and allow anyone to scrape their public data (such as Twitter and YouTube), we've made it incredibly easy to collect data from their APIs without any technical knowledge or programming.

😃 Team

Steve Spagnola

Right now, the "team" is just me, Steve Spagnola, but I will be looking to hire as more and more customers come on board.

We will specifically need help with customer support, technical documentation and integrations (adding more API support to this platform). If you have an interest in helping, please send us an email and we'll consider you for a future opening.

💌 Contact

If you need to get in touch with us for something outside of product support (please use the chat widget on the bottom right of the screen), then send an email to however we cannot guarantee a response.

Meet Up

Are you a current customer and in New York City? Send us a message and let's meet up!

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