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Google Maps API & Data Access

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This is an integration with the official Google Maps API to offer collection aggregation and workflow batch processing.


You’ll need to get an API Key from Google to use here. Please follow the official documentation to get your key.

API Documentation

Please see Google Maps API for full details on how to use their API, including rate limiting policies, etc.

Sample Data

Below is a sample JSON snippet for a location from Google Maps. You can also download aggregate results together in CSV format.

  "address_components": [...],
  "adr_address": "<span class=\"street-address\">20 W 34th St</span>, <span class=\"locality\">New York</span>, <span class=\"region\">NY</span> <span class=\"postal-code\">10001</span>, <span class=\"country-name\">USA</span>",
  "formatted_address": "20 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001, USA",
  "formatted_phone_number": "(212) 736-3100",
  "geometry": {...},
  "icon": "",
  "id": "bc232d2422e7068b2a2ffb314f02e3733dd47796",
  "international_phone_number": "+1 212-736-3100",
  "name": "Empire State Building",
  "opening_hours": {...},
  "photos": [...],
  "place_id": "ChIJaXQRs6lZwokRY6EFpJnhNNE",
  "plus_code": {...},
  "rating": 4.6,
  "reference": "ChIJaXQRs6lZwokRY6EFpJnhNNE",
  "reviews": [...],
  "scope": "GOOGLE",
  "types": [...],
  "url": "",
  "user_ratings_total": 57786,
  "utc_offset": -240,
  "vicinity": "20 West 34th Street, New York",
  "website": ""