Foursquare API & Data Access

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This is an integration with the Official Foursquare API to offer collection aggregation and workflow batch processing.

To use these endpoints with aggregation features, you’ll need to register for a Foursquare Developer account and get back an API key.


Check the Foursquare Authentication Documentation - you’ll probably want to perform Userless Auth to fetch public data, in which case you’ll provide your CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET to endpoints.

Sample Data

Below is a sample JSON snippet for a venue with more details nested inside the object. You can also download aggregate results together in CSV format.

  "id": "50bdc2bde4b02abe7f6474d8",
  "name": "Dante Coffee Shop",
  "contact": {...},
  "location": {...},
  "canonicalUrl": "",
  "categories": [...],
  "verified": false,
  "stats": {...},
  "price": {...},
  "likes": {...},
  "dislike": false,
  "ok": false,
  "allowMenuUrlEdit": true,
  "beenHere": {...},
  "specials": {...},
  "photos": {...},
  "reasons": {...},
  "hereNow": {...},
  "createdAt": 1354613437,
  "tips": {...},
  "shortUrl": "",
  "timeZone": "America/New_York",
  "listed": {...},
  "pageUpdates": {...},
  "inbox": {...},
  "attributes": {...}