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Unlike screen scrapers, our no-code platform exports data directly from Foursquare's Official API so you can download extracted data seamlessly. This means no breaking code, getting blocked, overpriced proxies or incorrect data.

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Scraping Foursquare Data

Foursquare offers one of the world’s most comprehensive venues databases through its developer platform, specifically its Places Data API.

To access the Places API, you can start with by using a free personal account (scroll down) and you’ll be able to make 100,000 requests per day, which should be more than enough to get started.

Getting Started

You’ll first need to get your acconut credentials to access the Places API Endpoints. Check the Foursquare Authentication Documentation and you’ll want to perform Userless Auth to fetch public data, in which case you’ll provide your CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET to endpoints.

You can access the Foursquare API directly using the links above (typically by writing custom code to interface with the API). If you only need to scrape public data from them, you may want to use the endpionts on this page which will interface with the Foursquare Places API on your behalf, returning bulk CSV data without you needing to build & maintain custom code.

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