🙌 Unlimited Data Scraping Plans

💸 For Under 1 Hour of Data Engineering Hourly Rates


$49.99 /month
Manual Scraping


$99.99 /month
Automated Scraping


$199.99 /month
Advanced Features

✅ Basic Features

🛡 HAR File Parsing
Download full CSV file extracts with the HAR File Web Scraper.
⚡️ Scrape Individual Endpoints
Make API Requests and download CSV Extracts via web application.

✅ Plus Features

⚙️ Workflow Automation
Automatically scrape Bulk Data from APIs via shared proxies.
🔗 Stevesie API
Integrate directly with your app through the Stevesie API.

✅ Premium Features

📡 Dedicated Proxies
Up to 10 dedicated proxies for parallel workflow executions.
💡 Expert Advice
Answers to more general questions via support chat within 1 business day.

*All plans include features from cheaper tiers. E.g. plus includes all the basic features as well. All plans include basic product support via chat widget, with a response time of one business day.

What are Customers Saying?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 14 day trial work?

Once you sign up, you'll have access to all features in all plans, limited to downloading only the first 10 items for any scraping feature. This will allow you to try all features and see if you really need access to "workflows" for example, or if the basic plan is good enough for your needs.

Will I be automatically charged after the trial ends?

No. Absolutely not. It's upsetting this is even a question - unlike other services that do this, we will only charge you after you explicitly opt-in & agree to a plan.

Is it really unlimited scraping? What's the catch?

We want you to feel empowered using our service. Having to keep track of usage limits works against that, so we've eliminated them. However, you may still face 3rd party limits. E.g. Twitter only allows scraping 500,000 Tweets per month for essential access users, so you will still face these types of 3rd party limits.

I only need the data for one-time use, can I pay as I go?

You can cancel your plan at any time, so you can simply use our service for your one-time project and then cancel right away to only pay for 1 month.