Big Data
Small Price

Our self-service platform offers the most cost-effective way to collect data.



$55.00 Usage Credits 10% Bonus
✅ Run Workflows
20 Simultaneous Proxies
1 per second per proxy per app API Rate Limit
Dedicated Proxy Executions
or 55,000
On-Demand Executions


$15.75 Usage Credits 5% Bonus
✅ Run Workflows
3 Simultaneous Proxies
1 per second per proxy API Rate Limit
Dedicated Proxy Executions
or 15,750
On-Demand Executions



$4.99 Usage Credits
❌ No Workflows
1 Simultaneous Proxy
1 per second per proxy API Rate Limit
Dedicated Proxy Executions
or 4,999
On-Demand Executions

Credits roll over each month. Purchase more in any plan for $1 USD per $1 credit.

How does the 14 day trial work?

We'll give you a $1.00 usage credit to try all features in our system for 14 days, with a limit of exporting only the first 10 items of any dataset (e.g. CSV exports, data store downloads & workflow executions).

What are usage credits needed for?

Each plan comes with monthly usage credits that may be used for API Hub & Workflow executions and Data Store downloads. API Hub & Workflow executions require a proxy to operate, where you can either pay by the hour for a dedicated proxy or use a shared proxy for on-demand usage.

Dedicated vs. Shared Proxies

Dedicated proxies are billed hourly, restricted to one request per second, and intended for batch use cases either via Workflows or API. Shared proxies are ideal for on-demand usage throughout the day and for experimenting with different endpoints.

What if I go over/under usage credits?

Usage credits rollover month to month, so if you don't hit your limit you'll have them for the next month. If you exceed your usage credits for a given month, you can always purchase more on-demand.