🗄 Instagram Data API & Scraping

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Scraping Instagram Data

Instagram used to offer an API for accessing public data on a user’s behalf, however has made some extremely restrictive changes limiting the API for business-only use and cannot be used to scrape public data.

Official APIs

Instagram offers APIs to do everything except access public data.

Scraping Companies

There are a variety of companies that offer to scrape Instagram data for you if you pay them a lot of money. They are most likely using the open source software linked to below.

Open Source Software

If you’re a developer, you may be interested in these open source projects used to collect public data from Instagram:

Browser Extensions

You can always browse the Instagram Website and use a browser extension to collect data from the HTML you’re viewing:

Copy & Paste

At the very worst case, you can always browse Instagram on your phone or web browser and manually copy-paste the data you need.

The Secret API

Using the open source libraries linked to above, we can reveal a “secret” API that Instagram uses to communicate data between its servers & clients. While the software used to interact with their secret API is made publicly available in the form of their app & website, using this secret API may violate their terms of service (which alone is not illegal).

For fun, we’ve aggregated the “secret” endpoints that the above open source libraries describe. Each URL also includes potential inputs that each endpoint may expect, again - just for fun to illustrate what an official scraping API may look like.

The URLs on this page are provided “as-is” and are for informational purposes only. Use these URLs at your own risk if you’re interested in security research or similar, as using these URLs may violate Instagram’s terms of service and even result in getting your account & IP address banned!

Disclaimer: These URLs are not part of an official API endorsed by instagram.com and are documented here only for informational purposes. They were obtained through use of software or services made publicly available by instagram.com. Use of these URLs may breach the terms of service governing instagram.com.

Data URLs