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Unlike screen scrapers, our no-code platform exports data directly from Twitter's Official API so you can download extracted data seamlessly. This means no breaking code, getting blocked, overpriced proxies or incorrect data.

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What Twitter Scrapers Don’t Want You to Know

If you need Twitter data, you’ve probably seen other “screen scrapers” that try to convince you into buying overpriced proxies, desktop scraping software & whatever else they can squeeze in to unofficially “screen scrape” data from Twitter’s public website.

You may also have tried your own “screen scraping,” perhaps with a Python module, but you can be assured that these approaches will all break eventually. See Twitter Scrapers Are All Broken. What Should We Do?

Work With Twitter’s API Instead of Against It

Not only does screen scraping violate Twitter’s Terms of Service (it’s illegal for a 3rd party to help you do this), but it also puts your IP address and Twitter account at risk if used during the scraping session. Not only will you be banned from Twitter, but also from other sites who share in IP address blacklisting.

This is all completely unnecessary because Twitter offers a Free Official API for anyone to scrape data from, without any approval. You can get a Free Twitter API Key in 5 Minutes and legally scrape 500,000+ Tweets per month and millions of followers from any public account.

Academic & Commercial Access to Even More Data

If you’re a student or affiliated with a university, you can apply for the Twitter API Academic Research Product Track and scrape up to 10,000,000 Tweets per month, as well as access the Twitter Historical Archive and scrape Tweets from 2006.

If you need this access but are not affiliated with a university, you can Join the the Elevated+ Waitlist, which is a better match for companies needing historical or large amounts of Twitter data. There’s also the older Twitter API v1.1 Premium Search Endpoint if you absolutely need to scrape historical Twitter data today and can’t wait. We support downloading historical data from this endpoint via our Twitter API v1.1 Full Archive Search Workflow.

Scraping the Twitter API for Data in CSV Format

If you’re set on scraping Twitter data yourself, we recommend using the Tweepy Python Module as it queries the official Twitter API and will not suddenly break like other Python modules that attempt to scrape Twitter’s website. Tweepy should help you download bulk CSV files from Twitter’s API with minimal coding and Python knowledge.

However, if you’d rather not deal with maintaining code or reinventing the wheel, our service will do this for you without any programming or technical knowledge required. Simply follow the use cases above or check out the endpoints below to get started.

Our “plus” plan will scrape up to millions of Tweets & followers from Twitter on your behalf, and unlike Python modules our system is completely cloud-based and scalable. Hence, we can run jobs for you that take days or weeks (e.g. scraping 100M+ followers) effortlessly on our system while you focus on how you’re going to use this data effectively.

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