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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated March 28, 2022

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The Twitter API V2 makes it very easy to scrape user information by either ID, or from a list of followers or followings. You will also get back references to users while using the Tweet Scraper and when specifying expansions, will get back user details (e.g. follower counts) right along with the Tweet search results.

The links on this page show the main ways to collect data about users, so give them a try. Finding users can be helpful if you’re interested in hiring a Twitter influencer to promote your brand or want to do some market research first on your target market. For example, you can see which other accounts your followers are following to better understand their interests outside of your own content.

You can also process a list of usernames, so if you scrape a big list of Twitter users interested in your niche, you can run them through the user details lookup workflow to pull more details about them (such as follower account), and use these additional metrics to further refine your list and only target users above a certain following size.

Another use case (that we suggest using with caution) is to collect email addresses from Twitter users. While a user’s login email address is private and not scrapeable, some Twitter users share their contact email publicly in their bio. Bear in mind though that these profiles are usually influencers or businesses with something to sell, and will not work well for B2C outreach. You can use the user details scraper listed here to collect these bios and then use a separate email extractor to pull out the emails from the CSV output we provide.

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