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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated May 21, 2024

Twitter API Following Scraper

If you’re interested in seeing who other Twitter accounts follow, then this endpoint shown above will query the Twitter API on your behalf and collect back the outbound following list, up to 1,000 returned users objects per API request. Just provide the user ID of the user for whom to return results.

This is separate from the followers list (which you can also consider as someone’s “following,” making the naming here a little confusing). If you need to scrape a follower list (people who are following a given account), please see our Twitter Followers Scraper.

Why Scrape Following Lists?

But why would you want to scrape the accounts another account is following? There are a few reasons, e.g. if you’re part of a Twitter “ring” (where people follow each other), you may want to track this information to enforce that people don’t unfollow people in the ring.

You may also want to see what your own followers are interested in, so you can look at what other Twitter accounts they follow to understand what they’re interested in. Specifically if you see patterns where several of your followers are all following the same account, then you may want to “borrow” some content ideas from that account.

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