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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 4, 2024

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If you’re looking to find or hire influencers on Twitter, understand your target audience, run Twitter ads, or even do direct outreach to a highly targeted set of Twitter users, it pays to know a little bit about them before doing anything.

Scraping with the Twitter API

If you’ve used the Twitter API V2 before, you know that they make it very easy to return user details via search endpoints by using the expansions, which return fields such as follower count, account age, bio and more right along side the search results for a given hashtag or niche.

However, if you prefer to look up Twitter users directly using their ID, then you can use the Twitter User Details Scraper hosted on this page, that accepts a Twitter username and returns back their data. This can also be useful for tracking user trends (e.g. if you want to monitor the follower counts for a list of Twitter users, you can call this endpoint daily).

To use this scraper, simply provide any public Twitter username along with your Twitter API key and we will query the Twitter API on your behalf and extract out the results into downloadable CSV files. What’s more useful however is the workflow version of this endpoint, which accepts a list of usernames and will look them all up and combine the results together into a single CSV file.

Finding Twitter Users

An easy way to find potential Twitter users is through hashtags related to your product, service or business. You can use the Twitter Hashtag Scraper to find Tweets containing your target hashtag.

The response data will then include IDs of users who Tweeted these items. You can then copy these IDs and use them here on this page to get the Twitter user details via the Twitter API.

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