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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 1, 2024

Twitter Hashtag Scraper

You can scrape Twitter for all Tweets matching a specific hashtag quickly, easily & legally using the Twitter API’s Search Tweets Endpoint for data collection. You will need “Basic” level access to the Twitter API ($100/mo.), which will restrict your results to only the past 7 days of Tweets, so this will work best for data scraping very popular hashtags.

Scrape Tweets Containing a Hashtag

We’ll show you how to query the Twitter API using our service so you can download extracted data from Twitter into CSV & Excel files easily without writing any code or wasting time with illegal web scraping tools. Keep in mind this will only extract publicly available information from Twitter and will not scrape Twitter data from private Twitter accounts.

Querying the Twitter API

Once you have a Twitter API key (see How to get a Twitter API Key if you need one for Twitter scraping), you can use the green box on this page to enter any hashtag you want to start scraping Tweets right away:

Enter Any Hashtag to Scrape Tweets

Just replace beer with whatever hashtag you want to scrape. You can also specify the language by replacing en in the example with another language or just remove that field entirely to get Tweets back with all languages. You can see our Twitter Scraper for Search Results for more details on what other parameters you can use to query the Twitter API with.

Initial Data

Once you execute the endpoint, you’ll get back very limited data containing the Tweet text (which may be all you need):

Initial Twitter Data

Expanded User & Tweet Details

However, you may be interested in the people behind these Tweets (such as finding influencers with above a certain number of followers) in which case we just need to add more Tweet fields & expansions to extract data. See the Tweet Fields, Expansions & User Fields options on our endpoint wrapper:

Apply Fields & Expansions to Get More Data

Once you enter in the additional fields and expansions, you’ll be able to scrape the full Tweet details (including popularity metrics):

Tweets with Detailed Fields

You’ll also see a separate collection containing all of the Twitter profiles who Tweeted in the results, complete with bios, follower counts, and much more!

Twitter User Profiles & Details

Bulk Scraping

Once you have the details you need, you may want to scrape more than 100 results at a time (how many Twitter will return per page). To do this, you can use the Twitter Search Pagination Workflow which will automatically paginate through the past 7 days of data for the hashtag(s) you’re interested in, returning all of the collected data into a single CSV or Excel file.

Why Scrape Twitter Hashtags?

If you’re performing social media content research or social media platform analysis, specifically on Twitter, you need a way to find content and/or creators that are relevant to your goals. One common way to achieve this is through hashtags, where you can generate a list of relevant hashtags and then find Tweets and Twitter users who frequently post with these hashtags.

Using the Twitter API, you can also scrape the engagement and following metrics of these Tweets and users, so you can later on restrict your outreach or analysis to the most popular content and users. See our Twitter User Details Web Scraper for more information!