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Software Consulting for Businesses Leveraging Data


Single & simple feature development
$10,000 / month


Multiple or complex feature development
$20,000 / month


Multiple & complex feature development
$30,000 / month
You can also schedule a phone call for hourly consulting.

🔥 Hire or Fire Us Anytime

We don't mind, seriously! We've found that many companies only need our data engineering services for special purposes or to test something out. Hence, it doesn't make sense to hire a full-time data engineer for a temporary project. This is where we come in.

🌎 Data Scraping World Experts

Sure, you could hire a freelancer with web development experience. Or look for a "full-stack" software engineer. However, these skills are primarily only applicable for building up new applications, not for getting data out of thousands of other applications as we've established world expertise in.

🎣 We Teach You How to Fish

We don't just give you data dumps or lock you into using our platform like competing services. Our goal is for you to be able to continue collecting and using data long after our engagement ends. You will own the intellectual property rights to the software we build and know how to maintain & manage it going forward.

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Please Note:

  • We do not help with unofficial "web scraping" or building systems from scratch.
  • We can only work with companies based in the United States of America.
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