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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 4, 2024

Download Historical Tweet Counts

If you’re interested in tracking trends on Twitter for a specific topic, query or hashtag, you may have considered scraping ALL the Tweets using either the 7-day Tweet Search Scraper or the Historical Archive Tweet Scraper.

You’ll need to have at least basic level access to the Twitter API (starts at $100/mo.), which is a separate fee paid to Twitter (or X). You can use our service for free to get a feel for how we work with the Twitter API, but Twitter no longer offers a free tier for its API unfortunately.

Twitter Data Overload

While these will certainly give you more than enough data to understand trends over time, you’ll need to do a lot of post-processing if you only care about the number of Tweets over time (e.g. how many people Tweeted with a certain hashtag each day for the past year).

Analyzing Tweet Counts

Fortunately though, Twitter has made this easy to collect using the scraper we have implemented here. It works just like the search scrapers, where you can use the exact same query syntax and features, but instead of returning the raw Tweets, this API endpoint will return the date range and number of Tweets for that range. You can also control the granularity, e.g. get the number of Tweets per hour, day or minute!

Get Started

Use the green box above to get started and enter any standard search you would make to the Twitter API for Tweets. You’ll be able to get back the recent counts for Tweets matching that search over the past 7 days.