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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated March 28, 2022

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If you’re a Twitter Spaces host, thinking about starting one, or maybe interested in sponsoring one - it can pay to have some data surrounding Twitter Spaces before diving too deep. The recently released Twitter API V2 provides 2 main endpoints you can use to scrape data from Twitter Spaces: a search feature and a spaces details endpoint.

Search Spaces
You can use the spaces search to find Twitter Spaces and filter by live, past or upcoming in conjunction with keywords. Past spaces may be more useful for analysis, as you can see when they went live and a count of the participants and the names of the hosts, so you can better understand what types of live topics do well in Spaces.

Spaces Details
The other endpoint that Twitter offers allows you to track individual spaces by ID. This is useful if you want to periodically keep track of your own spaces or have a fixed set of spaces (perhaps from competitors or clients) you want to keep tabs on.

You can get started scraping data from either use case using the links above, which will provide more instructions on how to query the Twitter API with our service and collect back data.

These API endpoints are relatively new (as Twitter Spaces is also a newer feature), so be sure to double check the official Twitter Docs in case this article becomes outdated. E.g. as of this writing, it is not possible to scrape the list of participants or chats yet, however Twitter may introduce this into these API endpoints or a new endpoint in the future. If so, simply reach out to our product support and we can add integrations for these as well,

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