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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 4, 2024

Download Twitter Spaces Details

If you’re interested in scraping the details for specific Twitter Spaces (or perhaps a list of related Twitter Spaces you want to research), then the Twitter API makes this easy to do. This page is a wrapper around the Twitter API endpoint for collecting details about a space using the Space ID as the identifier.

You’ll need to have at least basic level access to the Twitter API (starts at $100/mo.), which is a separate fee paid to Twitter (or X). You can use our service for free to get a feel for how we work with the Twitter API, but Twitter no longer offers a free tier for its API unfortunately.

Get the Space ID

If you don’t know the Space ID, please see the Twitter Spaces Search Results Scraper where you can find the space by keyword and get back the ID.

Once you have the Space ID, you can enter it here and the Twitter API will provide back details like the time of the space, who the hosts were, some basic attendance information, and the description.

Bulk Spaces Lookup

You can also create a workflow on our platform to process a list of Space IDs and we’ll look up their details with the Twitter API, combine the results, and yield a single CSV file you can download with the spaces data.

You can use this in conjunction with the search results mentioned earlier, where you can run a search for a category or topic you’re interested in, copy the Space IDs, and then run a workflow to look up all of their details.

Get Started

To get started, simply grab your Twitter API key and test out some Space IDs here to see how our service works and begin downloading some data!

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