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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated May 22, 2024

Scrape Instagram Emails

If you need to scrape emails from Instagram, you do NOT want to do so directly from Instagram or use an Instagram scraper unless you want to waste time or get your account banned. Instagram is notorious for blocking users who attempt scraping and suing companies who assist users in scraping Instagram.

Scrape Instagram Emails

Instead, you can leverage Google’s already scraped database of literally all of Instagram via the Google Search Engine. And better yet, you can use our Google SERP Scraper to automatically query Google and extract the results in CSV format.

Scrape Keywords

If you want to scrape a lot of emails around a particular niche, like beauty, fashion, fitness, etc… then you can run the following search on Google to force the search engine to show any found email addresses (that match the domains provided) to show in the snippet or page title. This way we can easily scrape these values into a CSV file using SerpApi without having to access Instagram at all.

KEYWORD "@gmail.com" OR "@hotmail.com" site:instagram.com

Scrape Instagram Emails by Keyword

To extract this data out in CSV format, you can use the Google SERP Scraper and enter that exact query in addition to your SerpApi query into our service, and we’ll extract out the data for you as shown below.

Query SerpApi for Emails

Our service will then parse out the results from SerpApi into downloadable CSV files, so you can download up to 100 results per SerpApi query (up to 100 emails) into a CSV file. Our service will let you download up to 10 rows per day on the free tier, or unlimited if on a paid plan.

Download Instagram Emails

Extracting Emails

You’ll see the email addresses in the title and snippet columns, however you probably want them extracted in a more “usable” format, like one email address per line without the surrounding text. If you don’t care about retaining the Instagram users or other information about the emails, you can simply paste the CSV file into an email extraction tool like Email Extractor and it will return a list of all emails found in the file.

If you’re working with the data in a spreadsheet program in Excel and would prefer to have a separate column for the emails (so you can reference the corresponding users), you can see how to Extract Emails from Excel Text with the following formula:

=TRIM(RIGHT(SUBSTITUTE(LEFT(A1,FIND (" ",A1&" ",FIND("@",A1))-1)," ", REPT(" ",LEN(A1))),LEN(A1)))

Scrape Usernames

If you have a list of Instagram usernames, such as usernames from a follower list using our Instagram Followers Scraper, you can look up these users emails through a quick Google search.

To find an individual username’s email address (assuming it’s not from a custom domain), you can try searching Google with the following query to get Google to surface the actual email address in the result snippet.

"@USERNAME" "@gmail.com" OR "@hotmail.com" site:instagram.com

Extract Emails by Username

Note that this query will work for only one Instagram username at a time, but you can use the SerpApi Search Results Workflow to automatically query SerpApi with a list of queries and then combine the results together into a CSV file.

Once you have the CSV file, you can follow the instructions outlined above to get the emails out of the CSV file for analysis and further use.

Responsible Use

Please do not send spam emails to the scraped email addresses. Although they were made publicly available, they are not an excuse to spam them with irrelevant messages. A better use of this data may be to visit each profile and send a personalized email to each profile based on what you see. While you will send far fewer emails, you should see a much higher conversion rate that will help you achieve your desired outcome.