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Unlike screen scrapers, our no-code platform exports data directly from SERP API's Official API so you can download extracted data seamlessly. This means no breaking code, getting blocked, overpriced proxies or incorrect data.

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SERP API - Google SERP Scraper

If you’re looking to scrape data from Google Search Results, Google Maps, Google Trends, or any of Google’s many other specialized search engines (e.g. products, events, jobs, etc…), then SERP API offers a perfect SERP scraping solution for accessing these search results as structured data through a 100% legal & easy-to-use API.

Not only does SERP API help with data collection from all-things-Google, but it also has support for many other websites like Walmart Search Results & Products, Apple’s App Store & Reviews, Yelp Results & Reviews & much more. These are very useful typically for market research in academic & business settings.

Overall, we’ve used the the service and found it to have a high success rate, though we have not thoroughly tested the real time feature (we’ve found it easier to work with the cached data by default). It’s a much better idea to outsource this type of Google SERP data web scraping instead of building your own, as it’s very difficult and risky when it comes to automated access.

Downloading SERP API Data to Excel & CSV Files

While SERP API is great and offers many advanced possibilities, it can be a bit overwhelming for simple use cases for smaller businesses. Many may just want to export Google Search Results to a simple CSV file and analyze it in Google Sheets, Excel, or upload the CSV file into any number of 3rd party programs.

While you’re welcome to use SERP API’s Code Libraries to build your own programs to download data in JSON format from SERP API, we’ve built out integrations on this page to make this process 1,000x easier, so you can quickly query any of SERP API’s many integrations and quickly download data to CSV files without maintaining any code.

Start Downloading SERP API Data as CSV Files

If you’re interested in using our service to quickly download CSV files from SERP API, simply Create a Free SERP API Account to get your SERP API key.

Next, you can sign up for our free trial using the form on this page and try one of our integrations, like Google Search. Simply follow the instructions and provide your query - then when prompted just provide your SERP API key and we will access SERP API on your behalf and make the response data easily downloadable as CSV files for immediate access.

Google Trends Scraper

If you need to scrape Google trends, say to get the interest levels for up to 5 competing search terms over the past 12 months (or other time ranges), then you can access the Google Trends SERP API directly from SERP API.

You can also extract data from Google trends with our Generic SERP EPI Endpoint Scraper to export the Google Trends data into CSV format. We’re working on adding a dedicated integration for this, but if you need one now please reach out to our support and we will expedite the process.

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