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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated July 7, 2022

Download Google Events

If you’ve browsed Google Search and Maps enough, you’ve undoubtedly come across events that Google promotes. While it’s not perfectly clear how Google collects these events, it most likely uses web scraping to find events listed all over the internet an aggregate them into their results to help users find events they may be interested in.

Using the Serp API Google Events API, it’s possible to scrape these (already scraped) events from Google using the same powerful keyword searches that Google uses. E.g. you can see the example on this page uses “parties in nyc” to tell Google the location of events to return the results in. While there is an explicit way to set the location of where to get the events from, it’s a bit tricky to use and you can read more from Serp API’s documentation. Hence, we suggest just forming your queries as something like “event type” plus “city name” to get back what you’re looking for as a start. If you would like to use the more advanced query options, just contact support here and we’ll be happy to add these parameters for you.

You can give this a try using the form above, which will accept a free text query and your Serp API key, and then query Serp API on your behalf to collect events back matching your query. We will then parse out the response into instantly downloadable CSV files, so you can analyze them in Excel, upload into your own database, or do whatever you’d like with. Our software will generate a different collection for each type of response data, so for example you’ll be able to download a single CSV file for events, and then another CSV file for links to tickets and prices. This is because each event will have multiple ticket URL options, so we separate this out for you for easy consumption and analysis.