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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 13, 2024

Scraping the Scale SERP API

Scraping search engine results form Google can be difficult, which is why Scale SERP handles all of this messy “screen scraping” for you, exposing a reliable search API you can use for Google SERP scraping & tracking how results from Google change over time.

Don’t Use Web Scrapers

There are quite a few options you have for scraping Google search results, and a lot of generic scraping tools will try to convince you that Google’s SERP pages are just another webpage their tools can scrape. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as Google uses very sophisticated technology to prevent this sort of scraping (think Captchas) and may even block your IP address if it detects it.

Web scraping tools specifically designed to scrape Google search queries like ScaleSERP are really the only reliable ones, as there’s a lot of domain-specific logic that goes into making the service available.

Downloading Scale SERP Data to Excel & CSV Files

While Scale SERP’s API is full-featured, if you’re not super technical and just need to download the data out of their API into CSV files (e.g. to analyze in Excel, Google Sheets, etc…), there’s no need to build custom code around the API for this simple use case (unless of course you want to build your own web crawler). You can instead check out Scale SERP’s CSV Fields you can query and get the data back in CSV format, which is much easier to use than the raw JSON responses from the API.

While these CSV fields are a good feature, they are still a little messy to use when making API requests (odds are you’ll still need to code something to make the API request), and the CSV fields have limitations. E.g. when a result has multiple sub-items, e.g. multiple site links per search results, the CSV export does not work so well as it’s rooted to one row per search result. This is where our product comes in.

Download Scale SERP Data as CSV Files with Stevesie Data

If you don’t want to maintain ANY code at all, and still download bulk CSV data from Scale SERP, you can consider using our platform which will easily make API requests to Scale SERP and allow you to download results in CSV format, including sub-collections for each and every search result.

To get started, simply Create a Free Scale SERP Account to get your Scale SERP API key. Next, you can sign up for a free trial for Stevesie Data and select one of the endpoints on this page, such as the Google Search Results Endpoint, to begin experimenting.

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