Scrape Yelp Data Legally via Official API

Scrape Yelp data via API into bulk CSV or JSON files for research, analysis, or prototyping. Download complete, fully paginated results with our transparent platform. Stevesie has no affiliation with Yelp.


Get Bulk Data | From Yelp's API | Into Your Project

Scraping Yelp Data

Yelp is one of the most authoritative sources on local business reviews in the world and offers the official Fusion API for accessing their public data. You can review the API Endpoints Documentation to get an idea of the kind of data you can get back from local businesses, such as businesses by category, phone numbers, menus, reviews & more.

Getting Started

You’ll need a Yelp account to use the API, and then you can create a Yelp App which will act as your client for retreiving data from Yelp. You’ll need the API Key from this screen to work with the Yelp Endpoints.

Once you have your Yelp API key, you can access their endpoints directly to scrape data (typically by writing custom code to interface with their API). If you just need to scrape down data (say about specific types of businesses), you can use the endpoints on this page which will interface with Yelp’s API on your behalf, pulling down their API data in CSV format you can easily use without having to write custom code.

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