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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 9, 2024

Scraping Yelp Reviews

You can scrape up to a whopping 3 reviews for any business listed on Yelp using the Yelp API Reviews Endpoint. You’ll get back the full text of the review, start rating, timestamp and some basic information about the person who wrote the review.

Yelp Reviews from Businesses

While this likely won’t be too useful if you want to scrape all of the reviews for a single business, if you have a list of businesses in a particular area, which you can use our Yelp Business Scraper for, then you may be interested in collecting the overall reviews as part of a sample for analysis.

1. Scrape Yelp Businesses

The Yelp Reviews endpoint requires a Yelp Business ID and will return a list of up to 3 reviews for that business. You can see the Yelp Business Search Results Scraper to get started and enter in any city with a search query to get back business search results.

Yelp Business Data

The initial page will be 50 businesses (which could give you up to 150 reviews), but if you need more and want to scrape the results in their entirety, you can see the Yelp Business Search - Pagination Workflow to automatically paginate through all businesses in a search result for any location and search combination.

2. Scrape Reviews

In your results, you’ll want to look for the ID column for each business and then copy that list of business IDs. You can run a search for an individual business using the green box on this page to first test it out and get back up to 3 reviews:

Yelp Review Data for Any Business

However, if you want to process the full list of business IDs to scrape all of the reviews from, you’ll want to see the Yelp Business Reviews - Multiple Business IDs Workflow, which will allow you to paste in a list of business IDs and will process each one individually, collect the results, and combine into a single CSV file you can then download.

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