ClassPass API & Data Access

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These are unofficial Classpass API endpoints useful for scraping public data such as fitness venues and contact information. They are made available for unofficial use and experimentation, such as for security research, use at your own risk!

Most of these endpoints are presumed to work with Classpass’s mobile app, meaning that these endpoints are unlikely to change too much as mobile clients tend to stick around in the wild for a while. Hence, it should be safe to assume these won’t change too much over the next few years.

Rate Limiting

Be respectful when interacting with these endpoints and do not exceed more than one request per second.

Read Only

These endpoints are “read only” and only allow you to scrape data. If you need to automate activity like reserving classes, then you’ll need to look into using a client library.

Official API

There is no known officially supported API for Classpass.

Sample Data

You can access raw JSON from the ClassPass API (such as a venue offering classes reproduced below) or download aggregate collections in CSV format.

  "address": {...},
  "alias": "hiit-circuit-training-juhu-mumbai",
  "alternate_contact_emails": [...],
  "amenities": {...},
  "booking_window": "Opens 7 Days in Advance",
  "cancellation_policy": "",
  "contact_emails": [...],
  "description": "This studio has classes that are revolutionary training system changing lives around the globe. Their workouts are designed to unify the muscle groups of the body and to make you look, move and perform better in all aspects of your life. Classes at this studio are the most innovative, challenging and systemised team training workout in the world.",
  "facebook_page_url": "",
  "how_to_get_there": "This studio is located at \r\n37, Hotel Horizon , \r\nOpp Juhu Church, \r\nJuhu,",
  "id": 52329,
  "images": {...},
  "instagram_handle": "",
  "is_new": true,
  "late_cancellation": "UNKNOWN",
  "location": {...},
  "lockers": true,
  "name": "HIIT Circuit Training",
  "organization_id": 25060,
  "phone_number": "7715554545",
  "pre_built": false,
  "pre_built_page_live": false,
  "pro_tip": "",
  "ratings": {...},
  "requirements": {...},
  "showers": true,
  "source": "MINDBODYAPI",
  "studio_direct_enabled": true,
  "subtitle": "JUHU",
  "tags": [...],
  "transportation": "This studio is located at \r\n37, Hotel Horizon , \r\nOpp Juhu Church, \r\nJuhu,",
  "twitter": "",
  "tz": "Asia/Calcutta",
  "website": "",
  "what_to_bring": "Please make sure to wear comfortable, athletic wear and carry your shoes with you and then wear them at the studio! Please be sure to bring water and a sweat towel.",
  "when_to_arrive": "15 minutes before"