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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated June 20, 2023

Get Unlimited Clients for Your Freelance Web Development Business

Google Maps offers an unlimited source of small businesses who need web development services to improve their SEO rankings & visibility within the Google Maps search rankings. Check out this video to see how you can target & reach out to these businesses as an independent freelancer or web development agency:

A Numbers Game

If you’re just getting started and only want to try a few outreach emails, you can follow the steps in this video to get started and manually find businesses on Google Maps. However, since the response rate on cold outreach can be so low (sometimes 1%), you’re going to need hundreds of targeted & relevant leads to get any viable traction.

To get this much data for your outreach campaign, you can use the Google Maps API for free to automatically collect out business information for personal use (which is completely legal - you just can’t repurpose data from Google Maps into other services).

Where we come in is making it easy to access and collect information from the Google API on your behalf with our No-Code Google Maps Scraper - just provide your Google Maps API Key and we’ll help you do the rest!

Businesses with Bad Ratings

The first sign that a business may need help with their website is a bad rating on Google Maps. They may need to invest in some sort of automated outreach program to help them build positive reviews from previous customers (which you can help provide), or they may need some more intense reputation management services.

Using our No-Code Google Maps Scraper, we can export this information into a spreadsheet for any type of business in any location in the world, and then sort by user rating using the result.rating column:

Bad Business Ratings

We can even see the most recent review in our scraped data - think of how personalized it would be to include that review in your outreach! You can send them this information and offer a free consultation with your business so you can help them get their reviews and SEO rankings back in order.

Businesses with Bad or Missing Websites

You can also sort the scraped business data by public website using the result.website column and reach out to any business who has a missing website (by phone), or check if they are using a generic booking URL for their website instead of their own custom-built website that you can provide:

Generic Booking URL

Businesses with Missing Fields

Google Maps also offers plenty of fields that businesses can provide, however some businesses don’t provide these fields or forget, which can cost them dearly in search results. E.g. our scraped data contains a column for if the business offers curbside pickup or not, and we can see that quite a few businesses don’t list this information:

Missing Business Fields

This means that when someone is searching for a restaurant with curbside pickup, they will not see the businesses who did not fill this field in (even if they do offer curbside pickup for example). There are many other fields like this, ranging from if the restaurant serves beer or not, to if the establishment is wheelchair accessible. You can reach out to businesses with missing fields and offer to do an audit for them and fill in any of these missing fields to help improve their SEO and search rankings on Google Maps.

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