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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated June 16, 2023

Google Maps Lead Generation for Marketing Agencies

Every local small business is on Google Maps (whether they like it or not), and this can be a goldmine for anyone looking to do outreach to these local businesses. This is especially true for marketing agencies looking to pitch their services to relevant businesses within their target market.

E.g. many older… er… more established… businesses don’t even have a Google My Business profile set up - and they are not being found in local searches. You could double their businesses if you simply helped get these businesses set up with photos, reviews, verified contact details, etc… to pump up their SEO and your lead generation.

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Check out this video and see how this business was able to generate almost $800 in a few hours just by pitching this basic service to relevant local businesses in need (they don’t even need to be local since you can really provide these services from anywhere).

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Above is a similar outreach approach for businesses focused on website design.

Organizing Google Maps Leads into Spreadsheets

While you can get started with your lead generation from manually browsing Google Maps, for a more large-scale operation you may want to have this data organized into a spreadsheet. This will help you keep track of which businesses have a claimed Google My Business Profile, have a website, number of reviews, etc… and you can append each entry with your own notes and custom fields to tailor your outreach to each business - either via email or over the phone.

For this, we suggest using the Google Maps Deep Crawl Scraper to get hundreds (possibly thousands) of local businesses for any target city in the world matching your niche or business that you specialize in working with.

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You can follow the steps in the above link to download a highly targeted spreadsheet of Google Maps Places with Details from the Google Maps Scraping Workflow like this:

Google Maps Scraper Results

You can then check out their website, ratings, reviews, etc… and organize your thoughts in the spreadsheet before doing a cold call, making your outreach much easier and stress-free. A spreadsheet like this is also a great way to outsource this work, as you can assign different businesses to different people who can manually do the research for you and leave their thoughts in a single spreadsheet (perhaps for another team to do the cold calling with).

As long as you use the scraped data responsibly to craft a highly relevant message for each business, you’ll have no problem finding new leads for your marketing agency.

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