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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated March 27, 2022

If you need to scrape businesses from Google Maps, you have a number of options. This page contains links to different scrapers that allow you to do this, either through the official Google Maps API, or through unofficial third party APIs that have their own databases of Google Maps data you can access for a fee.

Official Google Maps API
We always suggest using a first party API when available, so we advise you to start with using the official Google Maps API link above. The service is also free to use up to $200 credits per month, which is more than enough to scrape several thousand businesses. The only two main issues we’ve seen with the official API is that each search will be limited to a total of 60 results and you can only scrape up to 5 reviews per business.

Unofficial SERP APIs
The other links on this page are to third party APIs that maintain their own databases of Google Maps data. They will typically offer free trials, but will not be as generous as the Google Maps $200 free monthly allowance. You can use these SERP APIs free trial in tandem with ours to see how our services work together, as we allow you to query these APIs with our interface, which then translates the API response into downloadable CSV files.

The main advantage you’ll have using these 3rd party APIs is that they are able to get around the 60 results per search limit, as they appear to rely on screen scraping the public Google Maps website, which shows hundreds of results per search and not just 60. You can also scrape the full list of reviews and will not be capped at 5.

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