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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated March 31, 2022

Download Google Maps Places from Serp API

Use this scraper to download bulk results from Serp API’s Google Maps Endpoint, which will allow you to collect as many search results that appear on the Google Maps public website. This is in contrast to using the Official Google Maps API, which only returns 60 local business results per search. So we suggest using this scraper if you need to collect a large number of results from Google Maps.

This scraper works just like the Official Google Maps API, where you need to provide a search location in the form of coordinates, but you can also specify a zoom level with Serp API. So if you’re trying to scrape a large number of businesses, say from the greater metro area of a city, not just the city center, then you can set a wider zoom level to capture more business results. This will have a limit though, as you can’t just zoom out to an entire country and expect Google to give you back all of the listings.

If you do need to scrape an entire country, we suggest generating a list of cities for the country and then running individual business searches for each city, combining the results at the end. Our workflow service can do this for you, where we query the SERP API on your behalf (you provide your API key), and we combine all of the results together into a single CSV file you can download for fast & easy analysis in tools like Excel or your online tool of choice that accepts CSV file uploads.