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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 5, 2022

Download Google Maps Place Details

Scrape place details for any business listed on Google Maps, getting back additional information not found in search results such as business phone number, website, recent reviews, hours of operation and more. The scrapers linked on this page will query either the Official Google Maps Place Details Endpoint or a third party SERP scraping API on your behalf, then parse out the results into downloadable CSV files for each type of collection. E.g. you’ll be able to download a CSV file for hours of operation and business types (since there will be many entries for each individual business).

Google Maps API
You will need to get the Place ID from the Google Maps API Search endpoints listed on our other Google Maps API scraping pages. The Place ID used for the API is not found anywhere publicly online. You can also use the workflow version of this endpoint, linked on this page, to process a list of Place IDs (e.g. from a search result set), and the workflow will combine all the results together into a single CSV file you can download with all place details in it.

If you use one of the third party SERP APIs, you cannot use the same Place IDs that the official Google Maps API returns (they are incompatible). You can instead use the SERP APIs search feature to collect Google Maps locations with their corresponding IDs that the SERP APIs use. Some SERP APIs also accept a public identifier found in the URL of the result, so if you have a list of Google Maps Place URLs, you may be able to use this if you extract out the IDs from the URLs.

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