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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 5, 2022

Download Place Details from SerpAPI

This scraper will return the details for any public business listed on Google Maps. Unlike the official Google Maps API, this scraper will query SerpAPI on your behalf (you will need to provide your own API key and we will query their API on your behalf, returning the data in usable CSV format).

What’s also different is that the SerpAPI endpoint here accepts the public Google Maps Place ID that you can find in the URL (please see the instructions above). This means that if you used another screen scraper or tool to collect URLs of Google Maps Places and now need the details of that list (like contact information), you can simply run our workflow service on your list of IDs here and SerpAPI will scrape the details for you.

These public place IDs are different and incompatible with the Place IDs that the Official Google Maps API returns, so please don’t try to use those IDs here as they will not work and vice versa (the Google Maps API doesn’t accept these IDs either).

You can see the SerpAPI Documentation to learn more about exactly what fields will be returned for each place, and you’ll see that they are similar to the Google Maps API.