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Download Data to Excel & CSV Files

Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 5, 2022

Download Place Details from Scale SERP

Use this scraper to access the Scale SERP Google Places Details Endpoint for details about a specific Google Maps business you’re interested in. Our service will query this Scale SERP API on your behalf (with you providing your API key) and parse out the results into downloadable CSV files you can quickly analyze in Excel or similar tools.

You need to pay special attention though to the Place ID format, which is only compatible with the Scale SERP Google Maps Places Search, so we suggest using these two endpoints in tandem with each other. This can be a good alternative to the Official Google Maps API if you need to scrape a large number of businesses per search, since the Google Maps API limits results to only 60 results per search, which is severely limiting if searching for a generic type of business in a large city!

We support scrapers for using Scale SERP and offer workflows as well, allowing us to query their API on your behalf in an automated fashion, combine the results together, and serve it back to you as combined CSV files for quick analysis or to upload into a CRM or lead generation tool.