Workflow Formulas

See how you can contribute back to the platform by sharing formulas for workflow definitions.

You probably imported some workflows through the "formulas" feature, which allows users to share useful workflow definitions with other users.

Creating Formulas

You can create a formula to re-use your existing workflows on the workflow execution screen. Scroll down and you'll be able to create a new formula. This will export your workflow definition (excluding the contents of your input collections) to a definition that you can now re-use to re-import this workflow back into your account.

Chained Workflows: If you have a chained sequence workflows you want to export as a formula, you'll want to perform the share as formula step on the very last step of the sequence. This will import all dependent workflows used for processing into the formula.

Adding to Formulas

Since each formula can include multiple workflow definitions, you can always add a workflow definition to an existing formula you have authored. Simply navigate to the workflow and select the existing formula you'd like to add the workflow definition to.


While formulas are helpful if you need to keep re-using a template for your workflows, you shouldn't keep it all to yourself! If you think other people can benefit from your work, you should publish your formulas so other users can import and use them. Remember, formulas never capture the contents of input collections (for privacy reasons), so you shouldn't have anything to worry about when sharing.

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