Influencer & Engagement Tracking

Analyze followings, content performance & comments

The Power of Influence

Influencer marketing is growing as an effective medium to connect targeted audiences with relevant content & offers they want to see. A big part of profiting from this is being able to select & analyze each influencer's audience and predict how they'll react to content.

Important Data

There are many ways to analyze influence, but the most common ones involve measuring the quality & composition of an influencer's followers and how they engage with the influencer's content.

  • Engagement Rate
  • Followers' Following Counts
  • Audience Details

Automated Scraping

While one could literally spend all day surfing the web and copy-pasting some of these metrics, most operations typically employ automated software to collect this data. We'll walk through common scraping techniques you can use for getting this data and running your own metrics to build your next killer influencer strategy.

Popular Influencer Scraping Sources

Scraping Strategies

You'll want to focus on going deep on a few key influencers you're interested in analyzing. Based on what you want to do, you may only need to perform one of the following techniques or give them all a try if you're really ambitious.

Follower Analysis

It can pay off to analyze the composition of a large following to see each individual follower's follower count, number of posts, business category, and more.

Content Analysis

What hashtags do the best performing posts use? Any correlations between content topic and likes? Find out by scraping all the content of a particular user.

Similar Profiles

Why not size up the competition? Many social media sites feature a "similar accounts" section where you can find accounts similar to your target influencers if you're looking to expand your horizons.

Post Comments

Arguably the most important thing to know about (other than the like counts), is what are people saying about influencer's content!

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