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GrubHub Data Scraping API

Unofficial Browse GrubHub data API endpoints you could scrape using Stevesie Data. These endpoints were uncovered through use of software or services made publicly available by GrubHub.


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Scraping GrubHub Data

GrubHub offers a wealth of information regarding local restaurants, menu items, prices & reviews - displaying all of this publicly on its mobile app & website! However, GrubHub does not offer an official API to access this data from, making it tricky to scrape this public data if it interests you.

Unofficial GrubHub API

Because GrubHub offers a mobile application & AJAX-driven website, we’re able to intercept its network traffic, revealing the API GrubHub uses to send and receive data between its clients and its servers. Since this API is showing public data, we could consider using it for scraping its data - as an alternative to HTML “screen scraping” from their website or even hiring someone to manually enter the data from GrubHub.


If you want to search for restaurants on GrubHub, you could emulate how its restaurant search feature works using the GrubHub Restaurant Search Formula, allowing you to enter latitude and longitude coordinates with search radiuses, so you can target the cities you’re interested in - just like the app and website.

Menu Items

Once you have a list of restaurants you’re interested in, you could then use the GrubHub Restaurant Details Formula to pass in a list of restaurants you’re interested in and get back the full menu in a bulk CSV file.


You can also get the reviews for individual restaurants, using the GrubHub Restaurants Endpoint - which will return the same review information you can publicly see on the GrubHub app and website.

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Disclaimer: These endpoints are not part of an official API endorsed by grubhub.com and are documented here only for informational purposes. They were obtained through use of software or services made publicly available by grubhub.com. Use of these endpoints may breach the terms of service governing grubhub.com. Learn more here: Is Data Scraping Legal?

๐Ÿงช Formulas

Restaurant Details & Menu

Restaurant Search

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