Legally Scrape UberEats Data

Download to Excel & CSV Files via API

Scrape API data directly from UberEats' website without violating UberEats' Terms of Service. Simply browse the data you need, export a HAR File, then upload to our HAR File Web Scraper to download extracted API data.

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Download UberEats Restaurant Data

Legally scrape data from the UberEats Restaurant Browse Feature using our HAR file web scraper. Simply begin recording your web traffic using the instructions under the HAR file web scraper on this page (or just open your browser’s developer tools). Next, click the link above and you can change to your target city, then refresh the page or scroll around (whatever it takes for UberEats to send new data to your web browser). As you keep loading in new restaurants, you’ll be recording the raw JSON data that UberEats sends to your web browser, and we will scrape (or extract) this data out later on.

You can continue browsing for different cities, cuisines, etc… just try to keep the data you load at a reasonable amount. When you’re done, click on the “Network” tab in your browser to generate a HAR file. This file will contain a recording of the raw data that UberEats sent to your browser, the trick now is getting that data out into a usable format, which is where our service comes into play.

Upload your HAR file here and we will securely parse it and allow you to download CSV files containing basic restaurant data that showed on the search results pages on UberEats. You’ll only get back basic information, e.g. Restaurant name, address, cuisine types, etc… which may be more than enough for example if you’re doing local outreach. This method will not work if you need to scrape details for each restaurant, unless you manually visit each restaurant while recording your web traffic. This may actually work, say if you need to scrape the menus of a small number of restaurants, you can use the same HAR file scraping method and just browse through restaurants and menus, upload the HAR file, and you should see menu items in the output you can download as CSV files.

⚖️ Disclaimer: This application is meant to be accessed with the HAR File Web Scraper only. You may not directly access using Stevesie or any other automated scraping platform. Learn more here: Is Data Scraping Legal?
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