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Unlike screen scrapers, our no-code platform exports data directly from The New York Times' Official API so you can download extracted data seamlessly. This means no breaking code, getting blocked, overpriced proxies or incorrect data.

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Data API for New York Times

If you’re looking to scrape NYT historical data, like news, articles and related data from the Official New York Times Developer API, we’ll walk you through the basics and our service can even help you access the NY Times API and download data as CSV files.


Before you can use the NYT API, you’ll need to register for a developer account using the link above. The account is completely free and doesn’t require access to the New York Times app or a New York Times digital access subscription or anything like that. Once you have your API key (or access code), you’re ready to use the API.

Article Search API & Archive

What’s great about the NY Times Online Archive API is that in addition to returning headlines and article previews for over 100 years ago, they also separate entities mentioned in each news article (people, places, companies, etc…), so you can get a sense of which companies, events, people, and places are related to each other over decades, which could be interesting for financial analysis or building a model to predict future events.

To started, head to the Archive API Documentation which will explain how to make API calls using your API key. You may also want to consider the Article Search API to search by free text.

The Most Popular API also lets you query articles based on what is being shared the most (via email, which was not around 100 years ago), so you can get a sense of what people are currently paying attention to. There are also some other miscellaneous endpoints you can explore, like book reviews and movie reviews.

Download CSV Files

You’re welcome to use the links above and get back JSON data from the API, but if you don’t want to maintain your own code or data ingestion pipeline, the other links on this page will allow you to query the NY Times API using our service, where we automatically convert the data into downloadable CSV files you can immediately use without wasting time writing code and figuring things out.

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