Legally Scrape Trulia Data

Download to Excel & CSV Files via API

Scrape API data directly from Trulia's website without violating Trulia's Terms of Service. Simply browse the data you need, export a HAR File, then upload to our HAR File Web Scraper to download extracted API data.

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Housing Data for Real Estate Investing

Publicly listed data about homes, buildings, apartments & more can be incredibly valuable for real estate focused businesses and investment firms. Many websites like Zillow, Redfin & Trulia host this data publicly on their website, but don’t offer easy ways to extract this data out (possibly because they resell it and DON’T want you to have it!). Fortunately though, there are legal ways to scrape this raw data from your web browser after you browse through the site’s data per the website Terms of Service using HAR Files from your web browser.

Download Housing & Apartments Data

Legally scrape data from the Trulia Home & Rentals Search Feature using our HAR File Web Scraper. Just begin recording your web traffic (instructions on this page), and then run a search for homes on Trulia. Browse through the results and pan around the map (redo searches as you move the map to load data into your browser). When you’re done, export your HAR file and upload it here and we will extract out the housing data into CSV files you can download.

⚖️ Disclaimer: This application is meant to be accessed with the HAR File Web Scraper only. You may not directly access using Stevesie or any other automated scraping platform. Learn more here: Is Data Scraping Legal?
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