Airbnb API & Data Access

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These are unofficial Airbnb endpoints uncovered from the Airbnb iOS application and website, useful for scraping public data from Airbnb such as listings, pricing, availability, reviews, photos and more. They are made available for unofficial use and experimentation, such as for security research, use at your own risk!

Most of these endpoints are presumed to work with Airbnb’s mobile app, meaning that these endpoints are unlikely to change too much as mobile clients tend to stick around in the wild for a while. Hence, it should be safe to assume these won’t change too much over the next few years.


The default API key used in these endpoints is taken from Airbnb’s public website and app. If you’re interested in accessing data private to you, then you can try using your own Airbnb API key - you should be able to intercept this via a logged in web session or from their iOS app.

Rate Limiting

If you access a lot of data over a short period of time from Airbnb, they will begin to block your IP address. Please be considerate when accessing their servers and rotate proxies to limit the amount of requests coming from any single IP address. We don’t recommend exceeding one request per second per proxy.

Read Only

The endpoints listed here are “read only” and only allow you to scrape data. If you need to automate making changes to your own Airbnb account or other accounts, please see these unofficial libraries:

Official API

Airbnb offers an official API, however it is made available on an “invite-only” basis.


Most endpoints support standard pagination with a limit and offset.

Sample Data

Below is a sample JSON snippet for a listing. You can also download aggregate results together in CSV format.

  "badges": [...],
  "bathroom_label": "1 bath",
  "bathrooms": 1,
  "bed_label": "1 bed",
  "bedroom_label": "1 bedroom",
  "bedrooms": 1,
  "beds": 1,
  "city": "Phuket, Thailand",
  "guest_label": "2 guests",
  "host_languages": [...],
  "host_thumbnail_url_small": "",
  "host_thumbnail_url": "",
  "id": 2168594,
  "is_business_travel_ready": false,
  "is_fully_refundable": false,
  "is_new_listing": false,
  "is_superhost": true,
  "kicker_content": {...},
  "lat": 7.76196,
  "lng": 98.31318,
  "localized_city": "Phuket, Thailand",
  "name": "White Breeze Pool 1BD Apartment",
  "person_capacity": 2,
  "picture_count": 24,
  "picture_url": "",
  "picture_urls": [...],
  "picture": {...},
  "preview_amenities": "",
  "property_type_id": 1,
  "reviews_count": 86,
  "room_and_property_type": "Entire apartment",
  "room_type_category": "entire_home",
  "room_type": "Entire home/apt",
  "scrim_color": "#132017",
  "show_structured_name": false,
  "space_type": "Entire apartment",
  "star_rating": 4.5,
  "tier_id": 0,
  "user": {...},
  "wide_kicker_content": {...},
  "public_address": "Phuket, Thailand, Rawai, Phuket, Thailand",
  "amenity_ids": [...],
  "preview_amenity_names": [...],
  "reviews": [...],
  "star_rating_color": "#008489",
  "preview_tags": [...],
  "avg_rating": 4.69,
  "map_highlight_status": "NO_HIGHLIGHT",
  "formatted_badges": [...],
  "show_photo_swipe_indicator": true


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