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Unofficial Airbnb data scraping tools for collecting structured Airbnb data from your own web traffic after using Airbnb normally. API endpoints were found while using Stevesie's HAR File Web Scraper and are not intended for reaccess. Stevesie has no affiliation with Airbnb.

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Scrape Airbnb Data

If you’re wondering how to get Airbnb data like so many other research projects and services offer, we’ll walk you through a few options for Airbnb data scraping using the Air Bnb API found from its public website that contains structured data behind vacation rental homes & short term rentals listed on the Airbnb website.

Airbnb Open Data

One great example of using scraped Airbnb data is the Inside Airbnb Project, which releases free Airbnb data downloads for major markets like New York City. The data is a bit stale though, only updated a few times per year and is restricted to the cities offered, but may be a good starting point and much safer alternative to Airbnb web scraping. While it’s not the same as an Airbnb API for free, you can check it out and download Airbnb CSV files to see what it offers before considering scraping the data yourself!

How to Scrape Airbnb Data

If you need truly unique or micro-targeted Airbnb data, then we’ll discuss below how to legally record web traffic from Airbnb APIs with our HAR File Scraper so that you can download scraped data from Airbnb after browsing it normally (in accordance with the Airbnb Terms of Service).

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Airbnb Search API

The easiest Airbnb data API to scrape is the search results endpoint. Simply begin recording your web traffic, then run a search in the official Airbnb search field and scroll through the results while recording your traffic. You can then export the HAR file to our tool and download search results.

Airbnb Listing API

If you have a specific listing in mind (or small amount, say your own properties), you can scrape the listing details, reviews, etc… by navigating to the listing on Airbnb and scrolling through the relevant data (like reviews) while recording your web traffic. Export the data to a HAR file and upload to our scraper to see what you can extract.

Airbnb Experiences API

Another popular request is to scrape the Airbnb experiences and Points of Interest data for specific cities. Check out this video where we demonstrate how to do this using our HAR File Web Scraper:

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Airbnb CSV Parser

If you’re OK with JSON files, then congratulations, you can download them for free using the tool outlined above. However, to get Airbnb Excel files (or really just CSV files) from the HAR file web scraper, it will require a paid plan from our service to translate the JSON files into CSV files.

Partner Airbnb API Access

If you’re looking for an official Airbnb developer API to scrape listings data (which would be very nice) or Airbnb API documentation, we have some bad news. The only official API that Airbnb offers is its highly restrictive Partner API, which is not taking applications and requires an invite to join or Airbnb affiliation.

Therefore, access to the Airbnb SDK for building your own Airbnb integration - like being able to click import calendars, see user transaction histories will not be possible without this sort of Airbnb API for developers, Airbnb API docs or some sort of Airbnb Open API.

Airbnb Unofficial API

However, if you really need an Airbnb API integration and don’t have an affiliation with Airbnb, there are some hacky ways to access authorized user-data via the Airbnb REST API (or Airbnb public API) used to send data to your web browser. Since this is an unofficial API used to power the official Airbnb website, it is subject to change at any time.

We only suggest considering the following if you need to build a non-production facing prototype to demonstrate an idea, such as if you need Airbnb calendar API or Airbnb booking API connections to your own app to synchronize dates, reservations, etc… These may also be useful for building an Airbnb crawler from the Airbnb API data or an API for Airbnb rental property management.

Otherwise, it’s worth waiting on access to the API via the official partner program.

Unofficial Airbnb Python APIs

The following libraries are based off of the unofficial Airbnb mentioned above. In addition to being able to log in via your own Airbnb account (generating an Airbnb API key), you can use the Airbnb scraper Python module for example to collect listing data. You may also want to check the docs first for Airbnb API examples before going too deep into these.

However please be sure to read the disclaimers in the GitHub repo and understand that you’re doing so at your own risk and we do NOT endorse the use of these libraries!

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If you access any of these endpoints with Stevesie or any other tool outside of an official client, you must check's Terms of Service to ensure said access is not prohibited. If you are not sure whether or not your use of Stevesie or any other tool in a specific instance violates's Terms of Service or applicable law, you should consult with competent legal counsel before proceeding. Learn more here: Is Data Scraping Legal? or try with Bright Data (affiliate link).

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