Email Scraping for Marketing

Email scraping basics, where to find emails & how to target.

What is Email Scraping?

The internet is a global marketplace for almost anything and many people are happy to publicly share their email address on social media, forums, websites, blogs & comments to receive information about relevant offers. We'll discuss how to target & collect these email addresses to help put your message in front of the right people.

Automated Scraping

While one could literally spend all day surfing the web and copy-pasting email addresses that were shared publicly, more and more companies are turning to automation to make this task more efficient. Scraping refers to automatically having a computer program crawl and collect email addresses for you, based on a targeting strategy you provide.

Marketing Opportunities

Once you have a list of email addresses from people who have some level of interest in your offer, you can then use the emails in a variety of ways:

  • Direct Outreach
  • Lookalike Advertising
  • Email Campaigns

Email Scraping Sources

Social Media

Many users on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & more will publicly share their email address for business inquiries! If your product, service or offering is a relevant match, then you definitely want to reach out to the right people before your competitors do.


Business websites are great sources for email addresses, typically where the business owner will list the email address in the footer, contact page or somewhere else on their website. You may also find other directory websites & apps that list emails publicly.

Popular Social Media Sources

Targeting Strategies

You don't want to scrape a bunch of random emails and spam them your message - not only is it unethical, but it will also destroy your email reputation and may result in a violation of the GDPR. It's very important that you build a targeting strategy upfront for the types of emails you want to collect so they're receptive to the message you want to send, either as a direct email or advertisement.

Your Followers

If you have built up a social media following, then odds are these people want to hear from you!

Social Media Hashtags

Sometimes you may want to get in touch with anyone posting with a particular hashtag or keyword matching your business.

Similar Profiles

Many social media sites feature a "similar accounts" section where you can find accounts similar to ones you already do business with.

Post Comments

If you find a post very relevant to your offer, you may want to scrape the email addresses of the comment authors or see if they leave their email addresses in the comments themselves.

Business Category

Many apps have a directory of businesses you can search through and browse by category. You can typically get the website or Instagram handle of the business and use that to look up the email.

Search Engine Terms

You can always search Google for websites matching your interest and then scan the page using custom software to extract out anything in the rendered HTML that matches an email address.

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