Pricing & Inventory Tracking

Find products, get details & track pricing

Track Retail Products & Sales

Whether you're building an app or researching product pricing, trends & availability, you most likely need to know the pricing and inventory details of local products. Since this information is often publicly available on retailer apps & websites via APIs, it makes it easy to scrape.

Important Data

You'll want to collect some key metrics for the products you're interested in. You will typically want to first build up a list of products by SKUs, UPCs, etc... and then look up their pricing & inventories at local retailers.

  • Product Details
  • Store Pricing
  • Real Time Inventory

Automated Scraping

While you can manually browse through retail websites and apps all day to copy-paste this data into your own systems, many companies are resorting to automated data scraping to collect this public information. We'll discuss some common approaches to scraping this public data for use in your own apps, systems and services below.

Popular Retail Scraping Sources

Scraping Strategies

You'll usually want to focus on scraping details about a fixed list of products you're interested in (it's not realistic to scrape an entire store catalog). So you can start by searching for product keywords, brands or categories you're interested in to generate a list of products if needed

Keyword Search

You can perform keyword searches on several product retailer APIs, retrieving results back just as you would by using the normal website's search feature.

Category Browsing

Certain APIs allow you to browse entire categories via search, allowing you to scrape all products within a specific category and paginate through to get all the products.

Store Search

Once you have a list of products you're interested in tracking, you'll want to find local stores to check the inventories on.

Pricing & Inventory

Once you have combinations of products and specific stores you want to look up the pricing & inventory for, you can use one of the below workflows to perform these lookups in bulk.

Pick a Source to Start Scraping