Legally Scrape Amazon Data

Download to Excel & CSV Files via API

Scrape API data directly from Amazon's website without violating Amazon's Terms of Service. Simply browse the data you need, export a HAR File, then upload to our HAR File Web Scraper to download extracted API data.

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Download Amazon Product Data

If you’re in e-commerce, then Amazon’s product catalog, pricing, seller ratings, inventories, offers, etc… are mandatory pieces of data you need to be tracking to stay competitive. Unfortunately though, Amazon does not make it easy for anyone to collect this public data available from its website. You’ll see a lot of third party screen scraping services out there, but be advised that these are illegal as they aid their users in violating the Amazon Terms of Service, which is illegal in Common Law.

As for scraping data from Amazon yourself, it used to be possible to intercept API endpoints and download structured JSON data through your web browser using our HAR File Web Scraper (embedded on this page). However, as of around 2020, Amazon seems to have changed their architecture entirely to prevent this, only sending back HTML over AJAX-like requests to thwart this type of “interception scraping” that we’re able to legally offer. You’re still free to try this out with our HAR File Web Scraper, but don’t expect to see any usable data in the results.

If you really want to scrape Amazon data though, then the best and most legal way we can recommend is through the Rainforest API Scraping Integrations we offer, in which our service queries the Rainforest API for Amazon product data on your behalf (you provide your API key), and we parse out the data into downloadable CSV files you can immediately use in Excel or upload to other online tools. Check out the link and you can try our service in conjunction with Rainforest’s for free!

⚖️ Disclaimer: This application is meant to be accessed with the HAR File Web Scraper only. You may not directly access using Stevesie or any other automated scraping platform. Learn more here: Is Data Scraping Legal?
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