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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated May 31, 2022

Download Amazon Product Reviews

Scrape product reviews from Amazon using the Rainforest Product Reviews API. This scraper will access this API on your behalf (you’ll need to provide your Rainforest API Key) and return all of the Amazon reviews for a particular ASIN (or Amazon Identification Number). This is great if you need to perform some product research and have a list of products you want to see what people are specifically complaining about. Perhaps you can use this information in your sales copy, to convey the benefits that your product offers over the weaknesses that other competing products have.

You can also add filters to this search, e.g. only show 1-star reviews, only show verified purchaser reviews, etc… this should help to crack down on the fraud problem that Amazon has, where some of the reviews are often fake or paid, resulting in many products with inflated 5-star ratings.

You can see the response fields you’ll get back from the Rainforest Reviews API - specifically the title and raw text of the review, if the review is verified, number of comments and upvotes for the review, links to images & videos of the product and more. You will only get back a few reviews per page of results, so be sure to review the “pagination” instructions on the next page if you’re scraping the reviews of a popular product. We also offer a workflow service, where we can process a list of ASINs and collect all of the reviews back on your behalf into a single CSV file you can analyze in Excel.

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