OfferUp API & Data Access

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These are unofficial OfferUp API endpoints useful for scraping public data about local goods for sale nearby. The endpoints are made available for unofficial use and experimentation, such as for security research, use at your own risk!

All endpoints were uncovered from the OfferUp iOS app using MITM proxy interception, meaning that these endpoints are unlikely to change too much as mobile clients tend to stick around in the wild for a while. Hence, it should be safe to assume these wonโ€™t change too much over the next few years.

Rate Limiting

Be respectful when interacting with these endpoints and do not exceed more than one request per second.

Read Only

These endpoints are “read only” and only allow you to scrape data. If you need to automate “posting” to OfferUp or other activities like purchasing, then you’ll need to look into using a client library.

Official API

There is no known officially supported API for OfferUp.

Sample Data

You can access raw JSON from the OfferUp API (such as a listing for sale reproduced below) or download aggregate collections in CSV format.

  "distance": 16,
  "get_img_medium_height": 168,
  "post_date": "2019-07-18T17:46:34.454Z",
  "get_img_medium_width": 300,
  "owner": {...},
  "watched": false,
  "get_img_small_width": 140,
  "id": 714797903,
  "category": {...},
  "location_name": "Valley Stream, NY",
  "get_img_small_height": 78,
  "title": "Airpods",
  "post_date_ago": "45 minutes",
  "get_full_url": "",
  "priority": 100,
  "state": 3,
  "longitude": -73.7013,
  "latitude": 40.6797,
  "get_img_permalink_medium": "",
  "sort_label": "Popular",
  "description": "Still got the box and charger everything only used 3 times ",
  "paid": false,
  "payable": true,
  "image_mob_det_hd": "",
  "image_mob_list_hd": "",
  "listing_type": 2,
  "condition": 40,
  "post_from_store_address": "Valley Stream, NY",
  "photos": [...],
  "get_img_permalink_small": "",
  "get_img_permalink_large": "",
  "price": "100.00",
  "shipping_attributes": {...},
  "generic_attributes": null,
  "visible": true