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Unlike screen scrapers, our no-code platform exports data directly from Polygon's Official API so you can download extracted data seamlessly. This means no breaking code, getting blocked, overpriced proxies or incorrect data.

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The Polygon Data API provides programmatic access to Polygon’s financial data with historical data back to 15+ years ago for a variety of stock market & financial data types.

While the data is not real time, the data available from Polygon downloads can be invaluable for building machine learning models in finance, backtesting models, and understanding how historical markets moved, e.g. around company news which is also available from the Polygon stock data API.

Polygon Stock API

We suggest getting started with the Stock API, as there is a free tier you can use to test out the API. Simply sign up with Polygon and you’ll receive an API key to use with Polygon’s service after you register.

Download CSV Files from Polygon API

Our service makes it easy to perform bulk data exports of the Polygon Data API without having to write any code. This will help you generate custom CSV files for historical data you need using the Polygon API, allowing for precision queries so you’re not overwhelmed with irrelevant historical financial data you don’t need and will just clog up your machine learning and analysis models.

Check out some of the API endpoint scraping integrations on this page to get started and see what kind of data you can download for the financial sectors and companies you’re interested in.

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