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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 4, 2024

Scraping Twitch Data

Twitch is emerging as a dominant live entertainment platform and offers an official development platform. Notably, Twitch offers an official data API for accessing data about thier platform we can then scrape.

You’ll need a Twitch API key, which you can get for free by logging into your Twitch developer dashboard and creating an app. From there you’ll need your Client ID to use their endpoints.

Getting Started

Once you have your Client ID, you can then browse the many Twitch Endpoints and pick the ones relevent to you. You’re free to follow their guidance from here and then write custom code to integrate with their API. Check out the docs we have on each of these endpoints, as they will help you get your Twitch API tokens as needed to interact with some of these endpoints.

Scraping Twitch Data

If you just need to collect data back from Twitch and would rather not write custom code, you can use the endpoints on this page to quickly access Twitch data and receive it back in CSV format instantly, without having to maintain any code.

This can be useful if you need to prototype something or collect this list of Twitch followers for example. Just navigate to the endpoint you need on this page and provide the required details, including your Twitch API key. Note that we will make requests to the Twitch API on your behalf with your API key, so any requests made will count to any API usage quota or allowance you may have with Twitch.

If you need to bulk scrape large lists of data, like the full list of Twitch followers, you can check out the workflows section of this page or any endpoint. Workflows will automatically query Twitch API endpoints for a list of inputs (instead of just a single input) and then extract & combine the data together into a single CSV file. This will allow you to bulk scrape any Twitch API endpoint quickly and easily without writing or maintaining your own custom code.

⚡️ Twitch Data API Endpoints

User Details
Live Streams
Top Games
User Followers
Channel Search
Stream Metadata
User Videos

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