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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 4, 2024

Walk Score Data

A property’s Walk Score is an estimate of how “walkable” the location is (e.g. a high score means you can walk everywhere, whereas a low score means you better plan on having a car). This data is highly dynamic as areas throughout the world change and community businesses are added (or go out of business if in New York City). Hence, keeping track of the Walk Score can be very useful if you’re in real estate, and say looking to find underpriced homes with good walkability.

Some services already surface the Walk Score in their real estate listings, but in cases where the Walk Score is unknown or perhaps you’re building an app and would like to surface this information, then using the Walk Score API may be a good idea.

Scraping Walk Scores

To scrape all this data, we offer the resources on this page to scrape data from the Walk Score API for scraping Walk Score’s from a batch of addresses for real estate analysis & investing. You can use our free trial to test this out and you can contact support here if you need us to support additional endpoints or workflows for bulk data scraping.

This service can be useful if you have a list of properties or areas you want to scrape the walk score data for. And when used in conjunction with some of our other real estate scrapers, like our Zillow Data Exporter or Redfin Data Downloader will allow you to make smarter real estate investing decisions. E.g. if you input the coordinates from specific properties you’re looking to invest in into the Walk Score API, you get an additional parameter to analyze when making your investment decision.

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