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Steve Spagnola
Written by Steve Spagnola
Last updated April 13, 2024

Download Public eBay Product & Auction Data

If you buy and sell on eBay, or do any related e-commerce work, you may be interested in scraping eBay’s data for pricing, research, or other purposes. Unfortunately though, eBay seems to not be as supportive in helping you collect their data and as a result does not offer an official API or similar service for collecting this data. This is where Countdown API comes into play, which is a paid, third-party API that handles this work for you, allowing you to query them for eBay data which Countdown returns in structured JSON format for easy consumption and analysis.

While you’re welcome to query the Countdown API directly, this may be a little overkill if you have more straightforward requirements - e.g. you just want to download a few CSV files of search results for products you’re interested in buying or selling. This is where our service comes in, which can query Countdown API on your behalf (you need to provide your own API Key) and extract out the relevant data into downlodable CSV files (instead of JSON text), so you can quickly analyze them in Excel or your tool of choice.

To get started, check out the links on this page and follow the instructions on the endpoint. You can use our free trial to see exactly how this works and make some test requests. The easiest starting point is to just run a search on eBay and download the auction results to see what fields are returned. If you need us to support additional endpoints, just reach out to our support widget and we’ll be happy to help!

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eBay Product Data

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