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API Wrapper Scrape bulk data from Barcode Lookup's API into CSV or JSON format. Download complete, fully paginated results with no coding required. Stevesie is a platform to scrape any public API & has no affiliation with Barcode Lookup.

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Scraping Barcode Lookup Product Data

Barcode Lookup is a service that maintains a database of product information and images, containing over 100,000,000 records. This information can be very useful if you’re looking to resell products and need crucial data about the product you’re looking to sell based on the UPC, SKU, ASIN or other product identifier.

If you want to access the raw data back for use in your own systems (say in CSV or JSON format), you’ll want to look at the Barcode Lookup API which allows you to query their database by barcode number, ASIN, product name and a lot more parameters.

Getting Started

You’ll need an active Barcode Lookup account to use this API. You can register for a free trial (scroll down) from Barcode Lookup if you’re brand new. If you’re happy with the service, you’ll need to pay them for continued use.

Once you have an active Barcode Lookup API Key, you can use their API as-is by writing custom code. If you’d rather not code anything, you can browse the integrations we offer on this page, which will access Barcode Lookup on your behalf and return their data in CSV format so you don’t need to maintain any code and can begin working with their data instantly.

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